I've Scored Some Major Furniture Deals on Craigslist—Here's How You Can Too

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Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

With just six suitcases, 26 boxes, and a head full of dreams, my little family of three relocated to America from Australia a few years ago We sold all our major furniture and décor items Down Under before the big move; it was time to start again with a clean slate in our new L.A. home. The Silver Lake apartment we scored was newly renovated with fresh white walls, polished concrete floors, and granite countertops in thekitchen;我们不等不及开始。

快速旅行后IKEA对于通常的厨房必需品,我们开始寻找正确的碎片来装饰我们的空间。我们甚至不需要进入汽车;我们刚刚打开电脑并搜查了已成为我们最喜​​欢的经济实惠的商店:Craigslist.。Now we’re hooked. The best part is the thrill of the hunt; you never know what you’re going to stumble upon, and it’s not all secondhand either. We found a brand-newTuft & Needleking-size mattress for $350 (it retails for $750) from someone who accidentally bought two, a stunning square granite coffee table, and a set of retro Bose Beovox RL6000 speakers from the ’90s.

当你发现你爱的惊人的一次性或新的作品时,等待游戏从您发送电子邮件的时间,直到您从买家听到的回复,可能会令人忍受 - 和惊险。那些了解这种感觉的人可能会在一致上点头和微笑,但对于那些没有的人来说,这是一个有点克雷斯莱斯列斯律师让你开始。


Do you know your chaise lounge from your club chair or your midcentury modern from your industrial? If not, do a little research and get familiar with the numerous furniture styles and designs out there, then figure out which ones you really love and that suit your space—includingpopular midcentury modern furniture brands。在E-Emporium上待售数千件物品,这些描述将是过滤搜索的重要关键词。输入“黑色皮革沙发”,你会看到我的意思。你可以花几个小时滚动通过不相关的作品,谁有时间备用时间?

Learn How to Refine Your Search

So you’ve compiled your furniture categories and eras but still can't find the piece you're looking for? Well, then it's time to get down to business—with the advanced search. Enter specific information about the item you’re tracking in quotation marks—for example, black couch “vintage” “midcentury” “modern”—and it will filter the final results. If you’re still seeing too many results or unrelated items, try excluding terms by adding a negative sign in front of the word. The search for "midcentury sofa-red" will look for listings that have “midcentury” and “sofa” but not “red.” If you want to find posts that have “midcentury” and “Milo Baughman,” then use the “OR” searches that look like this: midcentury | Milo Baughman.

如果您的查询复杂,则可以使用括号进行分组,例如Black(Milo Baughman | Eames)-2000。结果将显示“黑色”和“Milo Baughman”或“Eames”(或两者),但将排除2000年。您可以学习其他伎俩Craigslist帮助。And one more thing: Don’t forget to click on the “show images” option in the top right-hand corner for a thumbnail preview of the images within the post.


所以你知道你的梦想装饰的设计,时代和颜色,并学会了如何改进搜索来对糟糕的方式排序,现在我们要求你抛弃它。好吧,不完全,但是当你超出公共条款并搜索尚未被正确分类的帖子时,有金子可以找到黄金。有时人们不知道他们有什么,所以他们不会在设计师名称下列出它,或者他们经常拼错时代;其他时候他们的照片是黑暗的或低res,所以大多数人滚动它们。Unfortunately, this type of search does take time, but if you chance upon that amazing designer piece for a steal, it will all be worth it.


艺术bartering- 在不使用金钱的情况下为其他商品或服务提供商品或服务 - 遗憾地丢失了下一代。好吧,是时候重新克服这个惊人的技能了。craigslist有一个整体易货部分where people are willing to trade their items. Sometimes you can find an amazing piece of furniture, décor, or an accessory that someone listed for trade because the style just isn’t suited to their space anymore. This is an awesome option for those who have a tight budget but great taste.You can swap one beautiful piece for another. It’s a win-win!

Don't Be Shy

I’ll admit that when I first started buying on Craigslist, I was a little nervous. I loved the browsing, hunting, and shopping, but the final pickup almost put me off. I wasn’t keen on visiting the house of someone I don’t know; it’s definitely a big consideration. You should always be prepared and a little cautious whenever you visit a stranger’s home (and bring a friend, if it makes you feel better). But don’t be a shrinking violet either. Sometimes you can meet some pretty awesome characters, and we’ve even scored some great extra pieces at the pickup point.当我的丈夫收集我们的葡萄酒伴侣时,他注意到一个伟大的接收器,完美地匹配了它们,因此卖家将其扔掉了几美元。