The One Room Designer Lisa Gilmore Will Never Forget

丽莎吉尔莫尔's favorite room - raspberry pink media room

设计:丽莎吉尔莫尔, Photo: Seamus Payne


So, to give designers a chance to revisit their favorite projects—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the one room these pros will remember forever. For some, there’s a sentimental connection, for others, there was an obstacle they never thought they’d overcome. But no matter what, these rooms are worth remembering.

虽然设计师始终具有很好的风格,但它们也必须平衡客户的需求和需求。有时设计师的愿景与客户不匹配,是时候回到绘图板了。但有时候,设计师及其客户处于完美的同步,因为设计师Lisa Gilmore可以享受这个华丽的房间。

"This was the first time in my business that a client fully trusted me when it came to color," Gilmore, who ownsLisa Gilmore设计佛罗里达州圣彼得堡解释道。“过去,我已经完成了所有黑色或海军的房间,但是,它们始终与其他颜色,图案,艺术,纹理相平衡。这是客户第一次让我饱和整个房间run with it – and raspberry at that! Raspberry isn’t a safe choice at all – however, it ended up feeling like such a safe and cozy room that they loved."

Keep scrolling to see how Gilmore transformed a small den in a high-rise condo into a one-of-a-kind space.

Lisa Gilmore最喜欢的房间 -  Raspberry Den用粉红色家具Lisa Gilmore, Photo: Seamus Payne

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设计:丽莎吉尔莫尔, Photo: Seamus Payne

When trying to add some character and traditional elements to a modern condo, Gilmore leaned into color and custom millwork.

“覆盆子保持现代,年轻,新鲜,”Gilmore解释道。"The room is a bit asymmetrical and dealing with air vents and other things that you can’t move in a condo building created challenges to where the applied millwork would land. So, creating a harmonious millwork pattern that not only wraps the room, but flows with the built in we were designing was a bit tedious but ended up turning out great."

Lisa Gilmore最喜欢的房间 - 覆盆子客房配有粉红色的沙发和紫砂Lisa Gilmore, Photo: Seamus Payne

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设计:丽莎吉尔莫尔, Photo: Seamus Payne




"When the clients walked in this room for the first time and loved it so much, and I could see on their face that they were so pleased with the outcome, it made me so proud and filled me with so much gratitude that they trusted me, my firm and the design process so whole-heartedly," Gilmore says."


“这间房间对我的企业巨大,”Gilmore解释道。“虽然某些人的颜色可能有点顶部,但如果他们允许信任和踩到正常箱子外,它肯定会让他们的轮子转向它可以带来自己的家园。这个房间肯定转变为董事会的谈话片。我会说大约70%的新商务电话提到他们喜欢房间的人,他们一直在我们的投资组合 - 令人迷人的时候看看它。“

Lisa Gilmore最喜欢的房间 -  Raspberry Den Detail拍摄与书籍和花瓶Lisa Gilmore, Photo: Seamus Payne

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设计:丽莎吉尔莫尔, Photo: Seamus Payne

When looking back at this project, Gilmore feels "pure pride, raw energy and passion."

“这个房间只是来自我的幸福设计oul and came to life with all of my design dreams in mind," Gilmore says. "I remember thinking about great designers before me, and when they were called upon to do their jobs and trusted fully. This was a big moment for me and I really felt like I finally had reached a point in my career that I didn’t have to overexplain the vision, the client just naturally trusted me and allowed me to create."

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